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The Living Stone

      At The Living Stone, if you enter our doors you're considered family.  That is the image that the Lord gives us as a body of believers, we belong to the Body of Christ, each one of us being a much needed part. 

      The Living Stone has very humble beginnings, when a small group of  Believers gathered together in a garage in 2004.  As the church grew and moved to adjust to the growth, they landed in Rossville, Indiana, renting a building for several years until the Lord provided our current location.


     The interesting thing about our current building is that had already been a church.   Which had been sold and turned into various businesses and then set empty for 10 years.  This took a toll on the condition of the building and by the time we purchased it, most considered the building condemned.

BUT GOD......

     But God is in the restoration business!  This body of believers was able to purchase the church and restore it to the original beauty.  This building and the people who make up The Living Stone is a testimony to, "One Body, Many Parts."


God Glorified,

The Word Taught,

The Gospel Proclaimed!


Is to share the love of Jesus with the people we come in contact with.  Do we do it perfectly?  No, but we do it wholeheartedly!


Little things matter.  We try to be the hands and feet of Jesus by being involved with our local community.  People won't care about the message we have unless they know we care.

The Living Stone Leadership


Our Elders:  Harry Latshaw, Pastor Dan Memmer, Jonathan Waddel,

Senior Pastor Eric Alwine and Emeritus David Wolf not pictured.

Our Deacons: Chaplain Erica Wallace, Cindy White, Karen Studebaker, Dennis and Corinne Buckmaster and Josh and Ginger Richey

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