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Additional Fellowship Opportunites

Weekly Ministries/Church Activities

¨ Karate–Every Monday and Friday at 6pm in church basement led by community resident John Anderson. 


¨ Bread of Life–Every Tuesday at 1130am in the basement several community volunteers are dishing up hot meals for elderly shut-ins. This number is for 12 individuals. They’re currently putting together a schedule for individuals to help in the making of these meals. So, if you’re someone who’d like to donate a crock of soup or 9x13 casserole for around 12 people, please contact Beverly Bryan


¨ Young Adult Bible Study–Every Tuesday at 7pm in the upper room at church. Wanna have dinner beforehand? 6pm every Tuesday the group meets for dinner at Waddel’s home and then walks down to the church around 7pm. Contact Isaac Waddel


¨ Ladies Wednesday morning Bible Study– randomly meet for 8-12 weeks at a time. 


¨ Jesus night-Every Wednesday evening in the sanctuary @ 7pm. Jesus night came to life Sept 1st of 2021 after a few churches grew close after serving together through community VBS. It’s a night of incredible worship and praise to the ONE we named it after, Jesus Christ! You won’t want to miss it! 


¨ Men’s Bible Study– Every Thursday evening @ 7pm in church library. Contact is Pastor Dan


¨ Women’s Bible Study– Every Thursday evening as well @ 7pm. Contact is Martha Waddel 


¨ Men’s Community Breakfast~ The 1st and 3rd Saturday at 8am every month men from several churches meet in the basement for a lot of great food and even better conversation. Want to receive text message reminders? Contact is Dennis Buckmaster 

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